Some of our equipment for organic chemistry research are shown here.

Solvent Purification System

This system provide degassed and dehydrated solvents. You can pick up these pure solvents under nitrogen atmosphere without tedious distillation process. THF, DMF, MeCN, toluene and diethyl ether are available.

Glove Box

The glove box (or dry box) is filled with nitrogen gas. The atmosphere contains less than 0.5 ppm oxygen and water. The apparatus helps us to use sensitive organometallic compounds. We have two glove boxes (Miwa and MBraun) which are connected to Solvent Purification System to enable use of pure solvents inside.

Chiral HPLC

This HPLC is useful to analyze samples containing chiral compounds. We use the chiral HPLC to evaluate enantioselectivity of our reaction.


This is Fourier-transform Infrared Spectrometer. We can obtain information about functional groups of a molecule by irradiation of infrared beam.


GC is short for gas chromatography. The apparatus is used to analyze a mixture of organic molecules qualitatively and quantitatively. As an auto-sampler is equipped, all you do is to prepare each sample and set them, and push START!!


Mass spectroscopy (MS) is attached to a GC. The GCMS gives us information about the molecular weights of organic compounds. We can introduce compounds without GC by using a DI probe.

Recycle Preparative HPLC

You can purify a mixture of compounds up to 300 mg by using this equipment. The status whether it was separated or not is monitored by PC. Thus, you can obtain a pure sample in most case!! We have two preparative HPLCs containing different columns.


Every bench is attached with a fume hood that protects you from toxic or stinking organic vapors. Every researcher is assigned to at least one bench, so you can conduct experiments at wide personal space.


Our faculty possesses four NMRs which are available all-time without significant queuing. We request HRMS or elemental analysis to Hokkaido University Global Facility Center. The result is usually send back in a couple of days.


Our office space is perfectly separated from experiment area. Very clean. At least one desk is assigned to everyone who uses his/her own PC to write reports, to prepare presentation slides and to analyze data. The Internet is freely available.

Meeting Room

Just take a rest. We have a fridge, a coffee maker, a microwave oven (not for chemistry…) and so on.